Announcement of Candidacy 2014

May 17, 2013

Sheriff Steve Moore, announces that he is a candidate for re-election in the 2014 election. Sheriff Moore has been twice elected to the office of San Joaquin County Sheriff/Coroner.

During his first term Sheriff Moore along with community support was successful in obtaining an $80 million dollar state grant to add much needed additional jail beds.

With the great recession which dealt a devastating blow to the local economy, the jail expansion project was put on hold, as Sheriff Moore concentrated on making a $23 million dollar reduction in the Sheriff's Office budget, while maintaining the majority of the services to the public over three years of major budget reductions, all done without laying off any Deputy Sheriffs when other county agencies were forced to make such reductions in police officer staffing.

With the advent of AB109, the prison realignment legislation, which requires current Non Violent, Non Sexual, Non Serious offenders and Parole Violators to serve their sentences in the county jail, the need for additional county jail beds has become paramount.

Sheriff Moore now more than ever is dedicated to increasing the local jail bed capacity by adding additional needed medium to maximum security beds which will ultimately result in inmates serving their complete sentences, thereby lowering the county crime rate while providing much needed relief to our local criminal justice partners the District Attorney and the Courts. Further as our local cities formulate plans to increase the staffing in their police departments the additional jail beds will further assist them in addressing the violent crime problems in each city and the county. All with the ultimate goal of eliminating the local Superior Court Population Cap completely.

Sheriff Moore wishes to thank all the residents of San Joaquin County for the privilege of serving as your Sheriff/Corner during these two terms and again wishes to ask the public to grant him that privilege in a third term to continue to serve all who live and work in San Joaquin County.