Public Support

As a retired law enforcement officer, I have served with and for Steve for many years. His ability to lead the Sheriff’s Department has been evident in many ways. I continue to believe he is the best person for the position of Sheriff, I endorse him wholeheartedly.

Mr. Daniel Lane - Citizen

Sheriff Moore has done a lot for our community and serves the public with honor and distinction.

Mr. Matt Carpenter - Citizen

Mr. Dan Burch - Colleague - Director of EMS San Joaquin County

I worked with Steve as a First Responder, Elected Official, French Camp Fire Board, and French Camp MAC.

Mr. William Smith Sr - Former First Responder/Arson Investigator

I live in the country. About six years ago, my area began experiencing loud music. I contacted Sheriff Moore about the noise and he responded immediately. He is the major reason that I have been able to silence the noise in my area. I appreciate very much everything he and his Deputies have done to keep this area free from what had been constant stream of noise on the weekends.

Mr. Eual Blansett Jr - Retired Deputy District Attorney

Fair minded, smart, strong, not afraid to face a challenge and able to make best decisions under pressure.

Mr. Ernest Santucci - Citizen

I have members of my family that know Sheriff Moore to be a fine, honorable person & capable of meeting the demands of the office. My son was in law enforcement & my daughter lives in this area. Both have high regard for Sheriff Moore. My husband retired from San Joaquin County S.O. I know how important it is to have a sheriff that is a strong leader. I have recently moved back to this area & am prepared to do what I can to support Steve Moore in the up coming election.

Mrs. Alice Fouts - Citizen

Sheriff Moore has maintained community deputy's despite the tight budgets of the last few years. The low crime statistics in Lockeford/Clements are a reflection of the Sheriff's successful community policing policies. He and his deputies are active in neighborhood watch groups. Response time on calls for service are very good and no call is to small or unimportant. Law enforcement as it should be.

Mr. Robert Davis - Citizen

Mr. Albert Mendoza - Citizen, Church Usher, Former Law Enforcement Officer

Steve Moore is the most honest, hard working, down to earth law enforcement official I know. He has and will continue to have my support as he has exhibited true leadership in his position as Sheriff.

Mr. Tony Christolos - Citizen

Sheriff Moore is a qualified law enforcement expert who has maintained a high level of service while dealing with reduced budgets due to the recession.

Mr. Scott Tyrrell - Citizen

I believe that Steve has done a great job of guiding our Sheriff's Deparment through some very trying economic times.

Mr. Robert V Kavanaugh - Citizen

I believe that Steve is an Honest and Ethical individual and is not beholden to anyone.

Mrs. Janet Kavanaugh - Citizen

Steve Moore has led the Sheriff's Department through its darkest hours to restore integrity and purpose. His presence at events and support for community organizations is unparalleled. He deserves to be re-elected.

Mr. Clem Lee - San Joaquin County Planning Commissioner

I support Sheriff Moore for the outstanding work he has done to keep citizens of San Joaquin County safe. He is very knowledgeable, hard working; a person of integrity and strong conviction to get the job done for our community.

Susan Vander Schaaf - Citizen

Sheriff Moore speaks softly and carries a big stick. When you compare Sheriff Moore with his opponent side by side on paper, the Sheriff is without a doubt the best choice by far. You really do not have to go any further then comparing their Education background. The sheriff blows his opponent out of the water in this category. Sheriff Moore gets my vote!!!

Mr Sean Julian Sr - Citizen

Joan Walsh Ph.D. - Citizen

Sheriff Moore has been involved throughout our communities ensuring us the best service and protection to all. He is engaged with many diverse community groups providing effective solutions. I trust Sheriff Moore who continues to provide an effective and efficient operation. That is why I am supporting him for re-election.

Mr Luis Sanchez - Community Leader & Citizen