• Received $5.1 million in federal grant funding to hire 17 deputies.
  • Secured $80 million in state funding for a 1,280 jail bed expansion.

  • Re-instituted a new Community Car Program serving many unincorporated communities.
  • Implemented a new Cadet Program to recruit young people for law enforcement careers.

  • Chartered a new Law Enforcement Explore Post #1850.
  • Enhanced the Sheriff’s Reserve Officer Program, by adding POST level two and three certifications.

  • Expanded the Coroners Division by recruiting and hiring San Joaquin County’s first staff Forensic Pathologist.
  • Created a Custody K-9 Program which placed contraband sniffing dogs in the jail to locate drugs, cell phones and other contraband on site.
  • Restored the Community Corps Graffiti Abatement Program.
  • Continued to hire Deputy Sheriff’s to increase police protection to the community.
  • Secured and maintained full staffing in the major divisions of the Sheriff’s Office despite the worst economic crisis in recent history.

  • Even with a loss of $23 Million from the operating budget over three years has worked to retain Deputy Sheriffs without layoffs.

  • Successfully applied for and has been awarded a Federal Cops Office staffing grant of $4.5 Million for an additional 14 Deputy Sheriffs focusing on Community Oriented Policing and expanding the Community Car program.

  • Since the 2012-2013 fiscal year has provided Sheriff's Office staffing dedicated to the County Wide Gang Task Force which has been working with the Stockton Police Community Response Teams in combating violent crime, guns, and gangs in the city of Stockton and contiguous county communities.

  • Continued collaborative efforts with the executive members of the Community Corrections  Partnership to implement the mandated Public Safety Re-alignment Legislation.

  • Was able to secure Port Safety Grant funding to purchase a much needed larger Boat Patrol Vessel, as well as a replacement armored vehicle in order to enhance security at the Port of Stockton as well as increase our presence on the Delta.