New Year Announcement

With the beginning of the new year 2014, I wish to again reaffirm my full intention to seek re-election to the Office of San Joaquin County Sheriff-Coroner-Public Administrator during this year's election cycle.

We will be ramping up campaign activities as we progress towards the June primary election. Much has taken place since I first announced my candidacy in May of 2013. In review of these changes like not proceeding with the construction of new jail beds under AB900 and the on-going litigation surrounding the state prison inmate population reduction that will continue to effect the operations of the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office, I have identified the following key areas I will be focusing on in the 2014 campaign:

  • Continue to provide the residents of San Joaquin County with quality Law Enforcement, Coroner and Public Administrator services with a goal to improvement wherever possible. Officer safety is important and we have been able to and will continue to provide our staff with a range of modern, up to date equipment to enhance their performance. Continued vigilance to ensure that we spend our funding wisely to accomplish our duties and goals while maintaining the budget established by the Board of Supervisors.

  • The most pressing issue we are facing is the full implementation of Public Safety Realignment AB109. This encompasses the entire county criminal justice system. For the Sheriff's Office it includes the available Jail bed space such as the SB1022 project to create a new medium security sentenced facility to replace the outmoded minimum security honor farm, inmate access to programs, alternatives to incarceration and working with all the partners of the Community Corrections Partnership in implementing their strategies to complement our own as we seek to impact the county recidivism rate.

    We will continue to work collaboratively with the Administrative Office of the Courts and the local court administrator in the planning, opening and operating the new county court house and inmate holding facilities providing a safer environment for all employees, the public and the defendants.

  • As the economy improves we need to work with the County Administrator and the Board of Supervisors to restore the funding for positions that were given up during the recent great recession. In doing this there are two priorities, one goal is to continue with the originally adopted five year plan to complete our community car program in providing services to the individual communities throughout the county jurisdiction. Collaterally restore the remaining Correctional Officer positions to further enhance the security to all jail facilities.

  • We need to begin the planning process to design a new morgue facility for the Coroners Office, that will be expandable in the future. Work with county staff to identify funding options for construction. Further explore the possibility of co-locating the Public Administrators office with the Coroners Office as their duties complement each other through the exchange of information.

I wish to thank all of the many supporters who have seen fit to provide me with encouragement and support on many levels to continue to provide the quality services to all San Joaquin County residents. Together we shall meet our current challenges and those of the next term to provide a safer environment to the varied and culturally rich communities which make up San Joaquin County!