Thank You

I am very grateful and humbled with the outcome thus far of Tuesdays' election results. While there are still ballots to be counted and the election certification will not be available for some time yet, I do wish to express my gratitude to all those who voted, as voting is a cornerstone of our governance.

To everyone who supported my campaign through moral, monetary and prayerful support, I can not thank you enough and adequately express what that support has meant to me throughout this campaign.

I can only pledge to you that once the election is certified, and if I am declared the winner, I will still consider it a privilege to serve the residents of San Joaquin County. In addition, I will work tirelessly to solve the issues we are currently facing with all the passion and vigor I possess to make the necessary changes in all facets of the Sheriff's Office to ensure the safety and security of our communities.

Again, I wish to say that I am grateful for the genuine and most generous support from the members of our county in extending me the opportunity to continue to serve the public in the upcoming term.

Steve Moore